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This site is much like its owner – a definite work in progress
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This is my personal site – i.e. my place of non-business. Interested in finding out more about my business side, hit Mr. Google. Search Andrew D. Ive or Food-X. That’s a great place to start. Not Interested in my business side? Then you’re in the right place. Here we’ll focus on the non-business stuff. Writing. Blog posts. etc.


I began writing fiction about a decade or more years ago. I could loosely claim to have written about ten books or more under various pseudonyms but as they were pretty terrible, that ten book number is a fiction itself. My goal is to write a decent enough book that I’ll be somewhat less nervous about putting my name on it and letting it out to play with the other indie books. Stay tuned or better yet, join my mailing list.


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