Monthly Archives: February 2007

Ning: A $500K Virtual Investment

Ning is a new’ish company with some recently released technology that will skyrocket this company into the stratosphere.  It’s the first company that I’m aware of that has created an easy to use, drag and drop, easy configuration site for users to create their own Social Networking site.  Literally within minutes you […]

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Geni Speaks Back: Update

Just after the last post ‘Geni: A $500K Virtual Investment’, Geni were kind enough to respond with the following: “Geni JoAnne Feb 26th, 2007 at 4:46 pm Edit Hi Andrew. Excellent blog. We are considering adding premium services to our site in the future–the basic service will remain free.” JoAnne […]

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Geni: A $500K Virtual Investment

Geni is a very interesting online service that leverages an easy to use flash interface and viral tools to create family trees.  One interesting concept to prove or disprove is that the whole world is related in one way or another. Could Geni be the solution to world peace? :-)   Business Model: […]

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