Monthly Archives: March 2007

Farecast: A $500K Virtual Investment

Farecast is a new way of approaching online travel purchasing that could change how we all shop for online travel. This could be a real winner if they can get the average consumer to buy into the concept.  It’s about time that there was some real innovation in the online […]

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Cherrypicka: A $100K Virtual Investment

CherryPicka is a very early stage South African site that has an innovative business model.  CherryPicka is an online new product showcase which allows customers to purchase and try new and recently launched products at a significant discount to the recommended retail price and encourages them to write reviews. Business Model: CherryPickas […]

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Auction Ads: A $500K Virtual Investment

Auction Ads is a company which has just launched some new technology which places items within eBay auctions within blogs according to the blogs content. I LOVE this business in terms of the potential win/win for customers and the company and the potential revenue stream for the investors. Business Model: […]

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Quintura Speaks Back: Update

Quintura just responded to yesterday’s post “Quintura: A $Zero Virtual Investent”. ” Yakov Mar 2nd, 2007 at 1:54 am Edit Hello Andrew! Very interesting post as well as the other reviews! Don’t you know that Quintura stands for quintessence or pure essence of searching. Try to make Quintura your homepage for […]

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