Monthly Archives: July 2009

Be Confident, Not Stupid

When you start a business, the odds are against you. Huge swaths of new businesses don’t get past their first Anniversary, not one candle on the cake to be blown out. And it doesn’t matter how great your business model is or how passionate your first few customers are, much […]

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Is It Too Expensive For You?

One of the questions I’ve been asked is “Why do you spend time writing a blog? How are you making any money?” Well, I’ll tell you what I tell them… If you look down towards the bottom of this page…yes, way down the bottom…scroll…. …You’ll find a Google ad.  That’s […]

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Product Development: From Winning Idea to Startup (Step 3)

This is the third ‘Startup Techniques’ blog posting on creating and moving your own Winning Startup Idea into the real world as a fledgling Startup.  The first posting “Product Development: Creating A Winning Idea For YOUR Startup (Step 1)” included techniques to create your own winning startup idea, and the […]

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