So before I go to much further, this post is going to be somewhat random. Personally I have no idea where it will end up so how about we see together?

I consider myself a creator. Maybe you are too?

New ideas come along more regularly than a right wing news channel blaming Obama for crop failure etc.

Maybe a product doesn’t deliver on its promise and *Pow* new product idea….

Maybe you read a sales page, website or an ad for something new and think – “Nice but wouldn’t it be great if….?”

Talk to a fellow entrepreneur and after a light bulb moment say “That’s cool but wouldn’t it be mind blowing if…?”

If you’re stuck with this same disease, maybe you’ve been grabbed by the throat and made sure your most compelling ideas are made real. Sometimes you just have to follow through or you’ll get that ‘wake up in the morning thinking about it’ repeated moment every morning until you do make it live…or you’ll be minding your own business in the shower and *BAM* the idea evolves and grows while you’re attempting to grab a few personal moments with familiar shower gel. (I have no idea why that last sentence sounds edgy…weird)

If you’re a creator, all of the above will be nothing new, heck, it will describe just some of your norm.

But I’ve had a new experience which has traditionally been limited to the creation of story arcs….namely, creating while asleep. Have to admit that brainstorming while asleep is a completely new one on me and might be an indicator of a complete mental schism or fracture…

So one night about two weeks ago, I spent the last moments before day break dreaming about Artificial Intelligence. Weird right? I’d have been much more comfortable if I’d been dreaming about falling fast towards the ground, gritting my teeth as I wait to hit the cold, hard floor or launching myself into the sky like a middle aged Superman. Those dreams I’ve done before and can do comfortably. Been there, worn the ‘falling to earth’ T-shirt…

But instead, this very early morning, I dream about a time when we all have a digital friend from birth. Think about it – as each baby is born, they are given their own digital being. A constant friend, confidante, teacher – a being that will talk with you about your day, will take instructions, will do what you ask it too in all aspects of life.

That was the dream I had just before waking and after waking, instead of slipping back into my gooey unconscious, to be forgotten by the trivialities of the day – it hung around, like a guest wanting attention.

And the more it hung around, the firmer and more substantial it became.

I’d like to go into more detail about just how world changing that simple idea will be and no, I don’t mean like a terminator style Hollywood movie but rather redrawing the lines in most areas of life. Relationships, interaction, learning, industry and more.

This is usually where I’d ask “Am I crazy?” but why ask the questions with obvious answers.

Instead I’d like to ask you a different question – could you imagine a time when a digital friend, an assistant, friend, confidante would be useful addition to your lifer? Think ‘Siri’ to the infinity and not tied to a phone…why would we even need a phone ever again?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one. Comment, email or let me know via Twitter #DigitalFriend