The Secret Sauce

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Hello and welcome to 2015 – its going to be a great year! As always there is no shortage of new and exciting projects, innovations and ideas…it really is very exciting but I wanted to let you in on a secret…. …I’m becoming a little disenchanted with ideas. So if […]

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You Think Therefore You Are! You’re Not Failing, You’re Learning!

Image via Wikipedia I think therefore I am! Descartes, a French philosopher, came to that conclusion in 1644.   “I think therefore I am.” – it had all started for Mr. Descartes when he wondered how he could prove that anything actually existed. For some reason, perhaps, just perhaps, everything he saw […]

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Focus Is The Key To A Successful Startup by Wil Schroter (Guest Author)

Most startup companies fail because they try to be too many things to too many people right from the onset. They think of every possible option they could load into their product offer. While this may give them the feeling of being one of the “big boys,” the grim reality is they are not. In fact by trying to be too many things from the start, these companies often end up delivering no real value at all.

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