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How to Fund Your Business

Starting or growing a company? Looking to raise money? If you are thinking about raising money for your new business idea, your startup or existing company then this book will help. Choose Your Startup: How to Fund Your Company introduces you to the main ten ways successful founders fund their company. Understand what investors want, the investment sweet spot, how to pitch them, what they get for their investment, how to speed up the whole process and common mistakes which will could delay you by months. Comes with a range of Founder Tips that will put you ahead of your startup competition. 

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How to Get Your First Investor Meeting

If you want to get your first angel investor or venture capital investor meeting then this book will help get you there. Whether you are a complete newbie or have been building your business for years, we’ve written the guide to creating a clear, concise and compelling executive summary that will get you those first investor meetings.

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