Bumble bees are not designed to fly.

Supposedly, it’s body is too big and its wings too small to keep it vibrating in the air.

How ever you look at a Bumble Bee, it shouldn’t be able to get where it wants to go, unless its prepared to walk.

But, stop working on your startup for a few moments and look outside and during these bright days of summer, you’ll see small miracles occurring all around you.

Start-ups are not too dis-similar from this humble but miraculous insect…you start a business and in the beginning its little more than a concept in the heads of a few people.

In fact, its probably not well designed to do what its supposed to do either and do you know how you get where you want to go?

Every day you make incremental gains, small beats of fragile weak wings trying to raise an entity into space and you keep beating those wings, until you get some momentum.

In fact, in the very very beginning you don’t even really have much in the way of wings.

In the beginning (and here’s a small secret)…you fake it!

But even though you do fake it, you still believe one day you’re going to fly and one day, those slight wings make the body shake, they cut through the air just a little bit better than moments before and then they get some small degree of strength until, to your and everyone elses surprise, you don’t need to fake it anymore, you beat them against the air, not moving but never giving up….and then, one day…

…You’re FLYING!

Bumble Bees and Startups
Bumble Bees and Startups