Speaking: Changing Food – Hope and Action for the Food Community 2016

Speech on hope and action for the food community and all of us.

Change Food, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and collaborating with those who produce and care about food recently asked me to speak at their annual New York City event. Here’s a cut down video of the key points. Exciting day, great people, and a subject which needs consistent focus.

Check out Change Food as they’re bringing thought leaders together to transform the environment in which our food is grown and have a goal to help improve the way we eat. Hope you enjoy this short talk and if you’d like to find out more about Change Food – go check them out and find out how you can begin Changing Food (link)

In this video: Andrew Ive, managing director at Food-X, talks about how we have been producing food to the lowest common denominator, but now is the time to focus on hope and action. Food-X, a food innovation accelerator, is working with people within the food movement ready to make change.


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