One of the questions I’ve been asked is “Why do you spend time writing a blog? How are you making any money?”


Well, I’ll tell you what I tell them…

If you look down towards the bottom of this page…yes, way down the bottom…scroll….

…You’ll find a Google ad.  That’s it – that’s the only ad you’ll see…

Do you know how much cash I’ve made from that so far? Less than a Starbucks coffee in a week…

So hopefully that is a hint!

I’m not in this for the money – now perhaps that makes me cracked and certifiable but I LOVE the entrepreneurial, startup, creative, building ‘stuff’, process – it is a natural, healthy RUSH! Truly! Even more so than that Starbucks coffee I mentioned.  I like helping other entrepreneurs to build amazing companies and perhaps some of the ideas in this blog can help too – but do you know what?

This blog has connected me with some really smart, driven, funny, focused, varied, interesting people – and that, my friends, is more important than getting a few hundred bucks from Google ad words every month.

So do you know how you can help? Both me and others?

Well, there are three ways that come to mind…

1) Contact me and let me know what you want to see here – I get some great emails and they help me figure out what to write about:  So – Email (through the contact me page), add a comment, whatever – tell me what would help you.

2) Add yourself to my mailing list – that way I can let you know about new postings and other good stuff, so you can decide if its worth coming back and reading an article that could help with something you may be grappling with.

3) Take this 45 second survey I just created: Click Here to take survey (then come back again to this page…)

So – virtually no ads, no affiliate links pushing you to buy something, no expensive memberships – just a polite request for you to connect so you can let me know what you need from this blog.

Is that too expensive for you? No right…so, there, top right corner – add your email and we can start the conversation…and I’ll even send you a free blueprint to help you start a business…can’t say fairer than that…