Our Million Dollar Startup Game blog covered ‘Amie Street’ back in February.  I hate to say “I told You So” but Amie Street has just finalized it’s Series A funding round and the interesting piece of information is that Amazon.com lead this funding round.  Our blog gave Amie Street one of the highest ‘virtual’ investments to date.  I’m sure Amazon invested more than $750K and this should be the sign of an interesting relationship between Amie and Amazon.  Great news but don’t sell out to quickly guys.  Good Luck!



 Aime Street recently responded to the recent post ‘Aime Street: A $750K Virtual Investment’ with the following important point:


Hey Andrew,

Thanks for the 750K. Guess we’ll have to see what happens when that situation pops up. An important point along those lines is that we don’t tie down artists who upload their music with any sort of exclusivity agreement. The more people that hear the music, the better.


Thanks for the clarification and update Lucas.  The fact that Aime Street is focused on the good of all sides of the customer equation is clear.  Its great that a company is putting its customers first and this should ultimately ‘pay off’ for everyone.

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