I just read an article about a thirteen year old boy who started an online business - he’s basically setup a wordpress blogging platform and created an environment for people with a ‘Scottish’ heritage to join together.

Is it tough to set up a wordpress blog? Absolutely not – it takes, from start to finish, probably about 30 minutes but that’s not the point – the point is, the barriers you believe are stopping you from starting your own business are more inside your head than in reality, especially if you consider starting small and growing it over time.

Now, in fairness, I don’t know what this kid being thirteen has to do with anything – except that starting a business is first and foremost a ‘mindset’ thing which may (?) be rare in thirteen year olds…

But given the shaky economy – its an ideal time to start pursuing your dream to start a business, whatever your age.

Here’s the article:


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Here’s to your Start-Up Success!