ILikeTotallyLoveIt is a new website where people post objects that they ‘Totally Love’ and include links to where the items can be purchased.  As the objects get voted on by members using a ‘Digg’ similar approach, the more popular items get moved to the front page. So its a popularity site for products people adore… 

Business Model:
The business model seems nice and simple for this new site – Google Ads and vertical banners served up on the right margin which seem relatively targeted to the twenty somethings that are posting the items that they ‘Totally Love’.  There is currently no fee for posting an item and believe or not, there are a few hundred items already posted.


Totally Loved

A cute, cute Converse! These are a blend of the classic Chuck Taylor shoe and a traditional Mary Jane silhouette. These have leather uppers and an arch support.

Some Core Functionality:

  • Product Voting – popular products move to main page 
  • Multiple categories and price ranges
  • Tell a Friend
  • Comments on items
  • Tags
  • Trackbacks
  • RSS feeds 

This site is cute in that it brings ‘design’ into the product mix and combines it with product recommendations and voting.   

A few little dislikes:

  1. TotallyLoveIt is a little messy from a design perspective but it is new so hey they’ll get there or perhaps that’s part of the charm. You decide.
  2. The construction and set up of the site seems a bit too much like all the other ‘voting’ websites out there and it probably leverages Pligg software so there’s little real innovation.  It’s literally just found a nice little niche of young users who want to recommend, vote and sell items to others.
  3. My key concern for this site is one of long term sustainability – is it adding enough value to stay around for years 2, 3 and onwards?  I think that depends on the founders and where they decide to take this site – right now, its cute but I don’t see alot of long term incremental value and the members will likely get bored after a few months. 

My Virtual Investment:
With my virtual $1M, I would invest $100K as I only just ‘TotallyLoveIt”.