I have been following the blog postings of Yaro Starak for quite some time – I would say I was a big fan if it wouldn’t sound too hokey! Dammit! It slipped out..oh, well, it’s out there now. Gulp!

So who is Yaro and why am I a fan?

Well, Yaro can do a much better job of telling you who he is – in fact, that’s one of Yaro’s things, he’s open about who he is and what his motivations are – he’s a refreshingly regular guy that has worked every day for the last four years plus to learn and navigated his way through and over the hurdles of building a business on the internet within the blogging community. Yaro is slowly and surely deploying those lessons to grow his business and help others do the same.

I would really check out his blog – it’s got some great information if you are interested in building a blog, traffic or online business (or all three at once) but one point that Yaro made which resonated more than any other for me was to think about how you can create value in your blogs – don’t go out there trying to make money from day 1 but focus instead on giving your readers (even if there are only five of them 🙂 ) a reason to keep coming back, give them VALUE!

For that reason, I thought I would create a blueprint showing people how they can create a company for under $87. Why?

Because you can go online and spend anything from $$$ to start your own business if you use a lawyer or an online service (assuming they do a good job?) and many people starting companies for the first time will think that the only way to do it — mainly because they’ve never done it before and setting up a company sounds daunting and complicated. Let’s face it – anything you’ve never done before often sounds daunting and complicated but after you’ve done it a few times — easy!

So, the “Start-Up Launch Blueprint” brings a number of resources together to help the first time entrepreneur to start their own company, simply and with little fuss.  I also included access to a number of free resources such as online books to help entrepreneurs determine what kind of company – LLC or Corporation — the pros and cons of both; finding a good accountant; attorney; bank; licenses and permits requirements and other key elements necessary to successfully start a business.

 If you are interested in Starting Your Own Business – read “Start Your Company for under $87 Bucks – A “Start-Up Launch Blueprint”

And how do you get a copy?

Well, for a short time only, I’m giving it away FREE if you sign up to my mailing list.  I don’t want the ‘ad’ for this blueprint to clog up my blog for long, so I can’t guarantee, if you don’t get it today, that you’ll be able to get it tomorrow.

So, sign up to my mailing list and get “Start Your Company for under $87 Bucks – A “Start-Up Launch Blueprint’ NOW!”

Thanks Yaro and thanks reader!